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Shot Blasting

State of the art equipment

Dust Free

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Cost Effective

Covers Most Coatings

Removes Failed Coatings

Floor Preparation


Airports, Car Parks, Commercial

Forcourts, Bridges & More

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Blast Technology Ltd Shot Blasting

We are Blast Technology Ltd, experts providing shot blasting and surface preparation throughout the UK. With many years of experience in sand blasting and floor preparation projects, combined with great customer service, it’s no wonder why we get so much repeat business from our valued customers.

Shot blasting is an effective way of cleaning, preparing and removing failed coatings to both concrete and steel floors, we have worked with clients all over the country including many different floor preparation projects which include airports, bus depots, car parks and bridge decks.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including diamond grinding, captive shot blasting, open blasting and many other forms of abrasive blasting. Our services are all tailor made to your environment, using a wide range of different machinery, If you are unsure which service might be right for you then please contact us and one of our friendly team will be able to point you in the right direction.

Our pricing structure for floor preparation is usually calculated by the amount of floor space, We also provide quotations for grit blasting and painting structural steelwork such as Quarry Plant, Bridges, Culverts, Steel framed Buildings, Platforms and Cement Silo’s.

State of the art machinery for Captive Shot Blasting

We have invested in the latest machines to to aid us with providing a great service and ensure minimal disruption to a clients day to day activities outside of the area. The machines we use include the state of the art Blastrac machines which are completely dust-free and leave the final surface without residues which also avoids any negative environmental effects.

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  • Epoxies and Polyurethanes
  • Self levelling compounds
  • Latex
  • Cement build up
  • Soiled Concrete Floors
  • Failed Coatings
  • Anti Slip Surfaces
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